Featured Brother for the month of Feb 2021…

Ret Gen Bro Jose A. Roncesvalles
I first joined and became a member of SRB during my High School Days in Mayon High School, it was then called as Junior APO, then became Junior Royal Scout until it was called as Scout Royale Brotherhood (SRB). I was initiated by SRB brothers from St. Stephens Academy now St. Mary’s Academy and St. Benedict’s Academy at the residence of brother Jerry Samson and I am the pioneer member of SRB in Mayon High School. I recruited several members including honor students, majorette, among others, to be a member of SRB.

I even started the community chapter at Teresa Heights Subdivision Novaliches QC in which my cousins and their neighbors are the pioneer batch. That was during the time I stayed in Manila for my college studies. Later on, I also became an APO member. My leadership qualities were developed during my SRB days with the same qualities embodied, specifically to be of friends and to be of service to others as a duly participating citizen.

Now that I am retired from my chosen profession, I can say that I am a proud member of SRB!!! And now, I am also a member of Freemasonry from Cosmos Lodge #8 under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines… MABUHAY ang SRB!!!!

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