Featured Brother for the month of March 2021

Bro Rick Jayson Tatlonghari

Public Servant, Licensed Forester, Licensed Environmental Planner & GIS Expert

During high school, at a very young age as a freshman (1988), I was encouraged to join the Scouts Royale Brotherhood (SRB) because of my APO bloodline in the Family.

Back then, my mother (APO ‘61 Theta, Magnificent Seven) was the Adviser of SRB-SRS in Los Baños Community High School. Our house became a Frat House where I observed the strong circle of brotherhood thru Leadership, Friendship and Service with some APO members from different chapters.

Since I was an active member of Boy Scout, I easily learned the SRB principles. SRB has strong influence in my life as I practice its principles as Technical Consultant in International Organization, in our business, in my family and as Public Servant.

I’m glad that SRB has come a long way from being a “Junior of APO” or “Frat of High School”. Now, SRB is like an eagle, no fear of adversity; has a fearless spirit of a conqueror!

Thanks to all Brods and Sis who are very determine to reach the pinnacle of our beloved fraternity/sorority. SRB continuously excel through its members. Some of us through time might forget the simple password but what matters most is how we practice our “cardinal principles” in our lives. MWAB!

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