Feed The Hungry

Feed The Hungry Charity Service
On May 16 and 23, 2021, SRB Inc International have taken an initiative to sponsor a community services coined as the “Feed The Hungry” project targeting around 1000 individuals or more in our depressed areas in the Philippines. Seven poorest of the poor areas have been identified by our brethren as recipients and they also served as area coordinators. They supported our noble intentions to help and feed the needy. Very unselfish gestures by our brethren out there. They even add value to our funds to reach out more beneficiaries. Is it amazingly good to see them working from initial plan to inceptions.  As of this writing, we received cash pledges amounting to almost 100k pesos, in kind and still coming. A portion of the fund collected now remitted to our area coordinators to purchase needed items that seemingly impossible without them our feeding programs can’t be push through in a timely manner.

Our Facebook and messenger have been so loud and properly utilized to spread good news. I am reading their plan of actions in our GC and the coordinations really professionally evaluated with check lists that align to health protocols and social distancing. We chatted openly and effectively. I can visualize what will happen on May 16 and 23 with massive people thronging the way to the feeding programs with ticket stubs and numbers alike. A house to house distribution is being considered and most likely to happen for safety and health reasons. Coordinating with local authorities have been made prior to implementation as our brethren assigned sought help from barangay officials for seamless distribution of food packs and others adhering to social distancing and health protocols.
To avoid any mass gatherings and untoward incidents, the location of the feeding program and distribution of essential items have been kept secret and only our area coordinators knows who, what, when, where and how to do it tomorrow.

Kudos to the following brothers and sisters who have been instrumental to make this project a successful one.
Bloggie Lagdamen
Frans Esteban
Rod Cruz
Noel Oliva Fortus
Laarni Nugas Putian
Claude Turla
Ian Fortus
Ishie Romelyn
Javy Sugapong
Jlon Sison Undaya
Joyce Marie Maderal-Gabumpa
Kokoy Becijos
Lagaw Lagaw Ni Lito
Maribel Belandres
Shellyver Dela Cruz Villajuan
Falcon Roldan
And I plus 60+ members.

The history of the “Feed The Hungry” project is the original idea by our brethren in Camanava areas. A unique gestures that really touched the heart of our brothers and sisters situated all over the world – the SRB inc International and ready to help.
I must say, the area coordinators and volunteers really our heroes who are so focused to make this project a successful one. This project is now written in our SRB Inc history true to leadership, friendship, and service.

I can’t imagine how the coordinators did the wonderful tasks out there in this time of the year that we are all affected due to pandemic. Selfless help to humanity and pleasing our God above through good deeds. The true spirit of SRB still linger on in their veins. Once an SRB is always an SRB
On behalf of Bro Rod Cruz (President)- Singapore UST Beta Tau and Bro Frans Esteban (Vice President), France.

Ron Awa
SRB Inc International Secretary

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