The History of SRB Inc International

The History of SRB Inc International

Mind-January 2021, the SRB Inc National Leadership headed by Manny Sipin paved to organize the SRB brethren situated overseas.  Though we have existing alumni associations scattered all over the world, a call for a bigger and stringent group is needed to unify and make it a strong professional fraternity separated by distance and different time zones.

Initially, there are twenty-four names identified and invited for group chat.  The call is so powerful wherein brothers and sisters attended the virtual meeting as initiated by no less than Rod Cruz of SRB Singapore AA, Noel Fortus of SRB Kuwait AA, Frans Esteban of SRB France, Blog Lagdamen of SRB Connecticut (USA) and few others who are very active in terms of promoting true Leadership, Friendship, and Service.  Very true to scout oath and SRB Inc noble ideas and intentions focusing mainly to have great fraternity.

We are well represented as fas as brothers and sisters from the US of A (Connecticut, Flushing New York, San Bruno, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Oregon), London and UK, UAE, Canada, Bahrain, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Turks and Caicos Islands, Germany, and many more.  We are expecting more brethren to signify their intentions to join SRB Inc International as represented by their alumni associations or individual members.  They are identified as either active or non-active members but with common interests to come forward and do a good turn daily.

Frans Esteban from SRB France has initiated to have an election of officers using virtual votes with SRB Inc National Leadership Jomer Dela Cruz acted as Comelec to oversee the voting process and guidelines online.

The results of the election were announced and Rod Cruz of SRB Singapore AA won with 13 votes from among the three candidates as the new SRB Inc International President.  Rod Cruz on his capacity as the President has appointed Frans Esteban and Ronald Awa as VP and Secretary/Scribe, respectively with concurrent approval of the members present during the virtual elections.  It was accepted and seconded.

The oath of Loyalty and sworn in as officer in as officer of the new SRB Inc International  is held virtually via zoom during the SRB Inc General Meeting  held on 31 January 2021 at Tramway, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

Two elders Emman Jarmin and George Reynante, both based in USA have been designated as the SRB Inc International advisers.

During the first 6 months, the current SRB Inc International leadership has tackled the following issues and implemented innovative ways:

  1. Official seal of SRB Inc International
  2. Established official name
  3. Mission and Vision
  4. Set of Officers and Official functions
  5. Type of meetings and schedule
  6. Vouching of new members
  7. SRB Inc website established
  8. SRB Inc Facebook official page and managed privately only with members
  9. Feedback form / survey were introduced
  10. Printing of SRB Inc International ID
  11. SRB inc International fraternity shirt
  12. Annual dues
  13. Sponsoring of two community projects in the Philippines
  14. Project such as “Feed the Hungry”
  15. SRB Inc “adopt a park”

Mission and Vision:

  • To gather and bridge all alumni association and/or individual brothers and sisters currently not residing in the Philippines and who fully support and recognise SRB Inc as the highest governing body of the fraternity.
  • To help any brother/sister in distress in his/her host country within the bounds of the host country local law(s).
  • To help and act as host to any brother /sister traveling from the Philippines to other countries which alumni association exist.
  • To help SRB Inc national leadership in any major calamities and/or projects i.e., national general meetings, national summit, etc.

Set of officers and respective functions:

  • President – The highest position in the organization.  The office is filled annually by election by the general membership.  He or she chairs all of the business of the organization and will maintain proper decorum when conducting regular/committee/emergency meetings.  The President is expected to appoint his or her set of officers including but not limited to Vice President, Secretary/Scribe.  Before the end term of President, at a regular meeting, the general membership will nominate and elect a successor or he/she will be referred to as President elect until duly proclaimed and fully assume the position.
  • Vice President – The VP acts as the principal deputy of the President.  The VP will preside in all regular/committee/emergency meetings in the absence of the President.  The VP position is appointed annually by the elected President.
  • Secretary / Scribe –  The Secretary/Scribe official duty include sending official circulars i., notice of impending regular/committee/emergency meeting with the date, time and agenda.  To record meeting minutes, keep historical records and important documents/contacts of the organization.  All official communications i.e., circular and notice will be thru the Secretary/Scribe.  The Secretary/Scribe position is appointed annually by the elected President.

Types of meetings and schedules

  • Regular meetings – open to all general members of the organization and will be held bi monthly – on a Saturday in a year. Meeting will be conducted virtually using zoom or Google meet.
  • Committee meetings – open to all officers and invited members of the organization and will be held monthly on a Saturday or Sunday in a year. Done via virtual meeting like zoom and Google meet.  Notice of impending committee meeting including date, time and agenda will be circulated by the Secretary/Scribe.
  • Emergency meetings – open to all general members of the organization and will be conducted virtually with accepted platform like zoom and google meet. Notice of impending emergency meeting including date, time and agenda will be circulated by the Secretary/Scribe.

As the SRB Inc International grows, the membership grows as well.  The introduction of annual dues helped the fraternity to finance our ambitious community service in the Philippines, the “Feed the Hungry” and very specific to feed the needy.  We identified 7 areas and with strong support with our brethren in the Philippines.

It was humbly initiated and properly coordinated by our brethren Noel Corpus, Blog Lagdamen and Frans Esteban.

The “Feed the Hungry” was approved by all members to set aside funds to help our community during the pandemic.  The leadership of the SRB Inc also find this initiative as very promising and noble caused.  Many of our brethren in the Philippines duplicated and supported wholeheartedly as they are the front liners and as well as beneficiaries of the program.

The financial standing of SRB Inc International is healthy and very transparent in terms of handling and distribution of funds.

Durin the 46th founding anniversary, the SRB Inc International was able to produce almost 50K purposely to support SRB Inc pre anniversary celebration as well as for providing free ID to all registered members and with free fraternity polo shirt identifiable for members based overseas.

For the first time, SRB Inc International has awarded our brethren with a coveted awards that will motivates them to do good turn daily as well as practiced our true leadership, friendship, and service to our brethren and the community.

Our future project is to support the “adopt a-park”, the SRB Inc Park located in Baguio City.  A very promising project wherein we are part of it and will continue to do so.

As of today, we have 57 active members and counting.

The history of SRB Inc International will continue as it progresses and will be focusing to be one of the best SRB Inc International that will catalyst and change into a more professional and dedicated brotherhood to all mankind.


Strong the circle we!


Bro Ronald Awa
President, SRB UAEAA Inc
Secretary, SRB Inc International

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