Scouts Royale Brotherhood International Service Fraternity

Scouts Royale Brotherhood International Service Fraternity and Sorority, Inc. (SRB - ISFS) or SRB Inc. is the official name of the fraternity duly recognized under Philippine Laws and registered under Securities and Exchange Commission with Registration Number 201511974 dated June 18, 2015. Section 2.

History of SRB The origin of SCOUTS ROYALE BROTHERHOOD took place on September 22, 1975 at San Sebastian College Recoletos - Manila when four prominent members of Alpha Phi Omega, namely, Len Toledo, Bong Manuel, Jun Cristobal and Vic Tomelden have conceptualized a fraternity meant to foster the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service and the Scouting Principles in the secondary school level. The SRB was founded with 37 chartered members.

While it evolves to be an independent and separate entity to that of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), SRB is a consistent ally and friend of all APO brothers and sisters united by a common and undeniable fraternal bloodline as well as optimum principles such as developing effective and democratic leadership, fostering friendship and rendering service to all.

SRB News and Announcement

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The Guiding Principles Song

A gift from SRBSGAA to all Scouts Royale Brotherhood (song is in the downloads sections)... THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES ...

Scouts Royale Brotherhood Inc 5th Summit

Scouts Royale Brotherhood International Service Fraternity And Sorority Incorporated will have its 5th Leaders Summit at Tramway Timog ...

Pamaskong Handog Sa Batang Pangasinense

On Dec. 12, 2021 Scouts Royale Brotherhood Singapore Alumni Association and Rho Community (Agadao, Pnagasinan) will conduct the ...

The History of SRB Inc International

The History of SRB Inc International Mind-January 2021, the SRB Inc National Leadership headed by Manny Sipin paved ...

Featured Brother for the month of August 2021

Bro. Rod Tomambo – Entomologist, Unit Supervisor at Saudi Aramco, Ras Tanura SRB Batch 1995, Beta Phi- WVSU, ...

SRBINC 46th Pre-Anniversary Yearly Awards

Attention: All Chapters (School Based/Community Based), Alumni Association and Councils under the leadership of SRBINC As part of ...

Featured Brother for the month of July 2021

Bro. Edward Laxa - Lawyer, Legal Specialist at Saudi Aramco SRB Batch 1992, Beta Tau-USTHS My being an ...

SRB Singapore Alumni Association Oath Taking

Due to the current pandemic situation of Covid19 and again another milestone set by Scouts Royale Brotherhood on ...

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Alpha Epsilon at Pandacan Community

I joined the fraternity because of the fun that I had seen in a brotherhood. Parties, friendships, and camaraderie. And as years passed, from being like a social club in it's youthful years, it evolved and turned into a service fraternity. Now fully matured coming from it's raw existence, the volume of our community service is insurmountable. That's the mentality I bear now. To commit some time to helping and sacrificing for the benefit of those in need.

rod cruz

Rod Cruz

Beta Tau / Pi - USTHS / SGAA

The year was 1991 when I joined SRB at University of Santo Thomas High School. At an early age, I was exposed in developing Leadership, Friendship and Service that will guide me along the way in dealing with people from all walks of life. The principles that SRB will impart to its members are very relevant to this day and one will gain a long and lasting gift called brotherhood.


Erv Lasconia

Omicron at Liceo de San Pedro / UAEAA

I was recruited by my HS classmate who happened to be our GC too. As compared to other fraternities, SRB didn't just recruit members for numbers. We were few then but I can say that all had great qualities, hence, the LFS principles are still being practiced up to now. The fraternity taught me to be more compassionate to the needy and to lead by examples to the next generation, ensuring that our legacy will remain.


Ryan Concepcion

Alpha Delta / SGAA

Being a member of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines during my high school days and having a heart of a scout I am still looking for some other ways how can I serve my community outside the school, that’s the time when I heard about Scouts Royale Brotherhood. It was year 1992 when I joined Scouts Royale Brotherhood. Scouts Royale Brotherhood contributed a lot to what I am and where I am now. Up to now, still active, no regrets and proud member of Scouts Royale Brotherhood.


Ronald Awa

Delta Omicron-University of Saint Anthony High School / UAEAA

I never thought of joining SRB in 1978 until someone from Alpha Phi Omega asked me to join. I was in high school years, young and fragile. I know, it’s a fraternity and the way I nurtured it, it makes me scared. The neophyte days really a humiliating experience but it gives a sense of respect to a leader and responsible for my actions. The initiation rites though I am blind folded gives me a sense of trust to my would be brethren that they don’t want me to be lost in a wilderness as I am guided to do a good turn daily, and, finally the mental preparedness during the ritual rites that makes me ready to face the world and know the importance of being a leader, be a friend and be at service.


JInggay Lasconia


 "... if any good deed I may do, any kindness I may show; let me do it while I can, for I shall not pass this way again". SRB takes me closer in making this a reality.

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